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Our design committee also said, "We want smart registration. When someone signs on to our race, we want the system to do the work. We want to auto-calculate age groups and auto-assign race numbers. We want to be able to bulk upload paper entries from an Excel spreadsheet straight into the database." One particularly astute race manager said, "We need an eTicket, just like the airlines.Ē

Eventdirector does all this and more.

Check out these amazing benefits using our registration module. Letís say Janet Stevens wants to sign up for the Gold Coast Marathon.
  • Benefit 1. She stays on Gold Coast Marathon-branded web pages throughout the process. She is never directed to a third-party registration page with advertisements enticing her to spend her money elsewhere.
  • Benefit 2. She is met by a painless and easy-to-use registration page. She is not required to create a username and password before proceeding.
  • Benefit 3. After completing her details, she is forwarded to the payment page where the Visa handshake is made. Payment is made directly into your bank or PayPal account.
  • Benefit 4. In the background, eventdirector goes to work on each successful transaction. It calculates her age group, based on her date of birth, assigns her race number automatically and sends her a confirmation email which includes her eTicket.
  • Benefit 5. The eTicket includes vital information for her registration packet collection, recording her name, race number, age group and any merchandise purchases. She brings the eTicket along to registration, massively increasing registration efficiency.
  • Benefit 6. Realising she has entered the wrong address, if you allow her to, Janet can correct it herself by logging on to her own account inside your race. You choose which details (such as T-shirt size or email address) are available for her to change.
  • Benefit 7. The registration database talks to the email communications database, storing Janet's email address, ready for you to keep her up to date with all the latest developments.
  • Benefit 8. The second Janet's payment is confirmed into your bank account, the database tells the website to include Janet Stevens as a confirmed entrant in the Gold Coast Marathon.
Throughout the whole process, from visiting the race website, through signing up, to check-out and confirmation, Janet Stevens never left the Gold Coast Marathon brand.  She saw no third-party advertisements enticing her away from your event. Nor did she see any Google ads.

Itís your registration, not ours.

Eventdirector offers you two more benefits worth particular mention.
  • Benefit 9. Say 50 postal entries arrive in your mailbox. You can enter all 50 into one Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and upload them directly into eventdirector. The system assigns each of the 50 hard-copy entries a race number and age group, updates the confirmation page and emails 50 eTickets confirming the individual entries.
  • Benefit 10. Eventdirector offers tailored functions for managing large corporate teams, including a specific module written to allow team captains to add or remove entrants, bulk-pay for entrants and download contact lists.

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