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News Announcement
Dear Customer

On behalf of Rob and I, we want to share with you some pretty big news. Last month, we flew to San Diego to meet with the senior management team of Active Network. As a result of those meetings, we have sold eventdirector to Active Network.

With this acquisition comes real benefits for you and your events and complete reassurance that tomorrow morning and in the months ahead, you will still be logging on to eventdirector to help manage your events. Kieran will still be doing his awesome best providing support for eventdirector and heres the good part, he's getting more support as well! Everyone knows that Rob and I have had a unique view towards support (putting it mildly) and now you will finally get the support you deserve with a team of support staff that Active has invested in. Sam Renouf, who is the Asia-Pacific manager for Active, identified straight off the bat that eventdirector needed better support and Kieran and you are finally getting more support resources in the coming months yay!!!

On the subject of Sam (who is a cracking good guy by the way) and his team, I can't stress just how good a team Active were to work with. It was a genuinely awesome experience in San Diego and really nice to know that they share the same values that we do. We all love events and we love event people -it really is the coolest industry on the planet to be working in and the Active team are just like us, they are all 100% from our industry and a hardcase bunch of characters to boot. Active have staff in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, and are committed to helping and supporting the endurance industry in our region and worldwide.

You are in good hands, and I'm 100% still here, making sure that you are completely happy with the transition to the Active team. To that end, here are my personal contacts 021 939 519 and they are yours to get hold of me twenty-four seven, even when Im in the pub!

As for Rob and I our focus is shifting to Timing Sports -- together with Active, we will continue to offer a seamless integration between timing and online registration. Moving forward, we intend to relentlessly march on and convince the whole world that the Scotsman is without a doubt the number one man in any timing hut. Me, I will be trying to find the VIP tent and making myself scarce when there is lifting to be done.

Jokes aside, a thank you. Thank you for believing in Rob and I and eventdirector over the last six years. I can't begin to tell you the pride in what we have achieved and the pride in the fantastic friendships we have made so thanks.
Thats it then, the big news. And knowledge that you are now going to get quality service and support!

Im passing your contact details to Active staff who will reach out to you in the next few weeks as introduction and again, Im still here for you.

Take care and we will see you at the races.
Rob and Shane.

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News Announcement
eventdirector is now part of the Active Network
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